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ShinePro® Floor Maintenance (20”, 21” & 24”)

ShinePro® Floor Maintenance (20”, 21” & 24”)(500mm, 530mm &610mm)


Green - 220 grit   Rose - 400 grit   Grey - 800 grit   Beige - 1800 grit   White - BUFF grit

  • 220 Grit ShinePro® will provide an aggressive cleaning cut for the first step on extremely dirty floors
  • 400 Grit ShinePro® will provide a honing cut for the second step on already clean floors
  • 800 Grit ShinePro® will provide a finished polished look to a surface that is already honed properly
  • 1800 Grit ShinePro® will add more shine to a surface that is already polished properly
  • Buff Grit ShinePro® will provide the finishing touch to a properly polished surface. Buff Grit ShinePro® Pads can also be used for burnishing guard and sealer products. Please refer to the chemical manufacturers' instructions for their recommended system when chemicals are used.