diamond grinding & polishing equipment, cutting and drilling


Retip Crown and Segment

Diamond retip CROWN point type, offered ø12, ø14, ø16, ø18, ø20, ø24, ø25, ø26, ø28, ø32, ø35, ø37, ø38, ø39, ø42, ø45, ø48





Arix diamond CORE DRILL retip segment for cured concrete, offered for ø50, ø65, ø75, ø84, ø90, ø100, ø115, ø125, ø132, ø141, ø150, ø172, ø200, ø250, ø300, ø400, ø500 and up





Arix diamond CORE DRILL retip segments in Flat shape for cured concrete, from ø50 to ø500mm