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Aardwolf Drill Press

Aardwolf Drill Press


A Drill Stand is preferable to a hand drill when the location and orientation of the hole must be controlled accurately. The Aardwolf Drill Stand is a lightweight, versatile drill stand and features a powerfully integrated vacuum base making it instantaneous to set up with no need for anchoring or clamping. The Aardwolf Drill Stand quickly attaches to both smooth and rough flat surfaces once the vacuum is applied. The vacuum base provides exceptional stability. 


  • For drilling with precision 
  • Sturdy 34mm round column with a 290mm long-toothed rack screwed on 
  • Integrated return spring Locking button for series drilling 
  • Adjustable scale ring for setting the accurate drilling depth down to the last millimetre – With cable holder Working height 305mm Drill support collar ø 43mm 
  • Powerfully integrated vacuum base 
Note: Drill Stand sold without the drill. 
  • Drill Core Size: 53mm
  • Net Weight: 5.9kg