diamond grinding & polishing equipment, cutting and drilling


Adamas B16 with Vacuum Base


  • “One key for all” system
  • All aluminium design
  • Vacuum baseplate
  • Drill bit centring device
  • Stabilization bar
  • Integrated tooth rack
  • Angle adjustment: 0-45°
  • Dimensions: 460x270x870 mm
  • Max. drilling diameter: ø200 mm
  • Max. drilling height: 450 mm
  • Motor mounting: Quick Connect
  • Weight: 10 KG

<li>All aluminium design</li>

<li>Vacuum baseplate</li>

<li>Drill bit centring device</li>

<li>Stabilization bar</li>

<li>Integrated tooth rack</li>



<li>Angle adjustment: 0-45&deg;</li>

<li>Dimensions: 460x270x870 mm</li>
<li>Max. drilling diameter: &oslash;200 mm</li>
<li>Max. drilling height: 450 mm</li>
<li>Motor mounting: Quick Connect</li>
<li>Weight: 10 KG</li>