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M62D Floor Saw


The M62D with a compliant 62-horsepower water-cooled Perkins diesel engine, is the perfect combination of size and power for any job. Only slightly larger than the M44s and M48s, it resets the bar when it comes to operator-friendly saws. 




  • 62-horsepower, Perkins 404D-22T water-cooled diesel engine.
  • Single-speed lifts a 36-inch(915mm) blade out of the cut; with 3-Speed Gearbox, lifts a 42-inch(1060mm) blade out of the cut.
  • Independent drive-wheel motors with innovative 4-bolt hubs for quick easy wheel changes.
  • Positive 8-belt drive to spindleshaft with easy-to-change blade mount studs.
  • A variety of stud lengths allow ganging blades. Should a problem arise, just change the stud while the shaft stays in place.A real time and money saver!
  • Oil pressure and volt-meter indicator lights, tach and water temperature gauges, and emergency shutoff switch.
  • Positraction switch for cutting where traction can present a problem.
  • Easy service and maintenance.
  • The M62D comes with a 20"(500mm) guard.




  • 30"(760mm), 36"(910mm) and 42"(1060mm) bladeguards are available as options.