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CDT ø250 Single Phase Grinder

The floor grinding machine meets the industrial standards. It provides a cost-efficient solution and it meets various demands in grinding tasks. It has a bubble level that shows its proper balance and its head can be turned 80º left or right making easy to grind wall borders. The floor grinding machine has a detachable dust shroud allowing it to get closer to the wall.

The floor grinding machine switch features an over-current protection unit. Its over-current value could be set from 9A to 14A. When the current exceeds the value, the protection unit will cut off the power supply instantly to protect the electrical equipment and prevent further accidents. The foldable handle with axis adjusts its height when is operating. It makes also a compact structure, easy transportation and convenient storage.

The floor grinding machine has a vacuum cleaner and water pipe ports used to dry and wet grinding. In dry grinding, the port is connected with a 50 mm diameter vacuum cleaner to keep the working environment clean. In wet grinding, it can be connected with a water pipe to cool the grinding head and keep it clear from dust. The flexible coupler of our floor grinding machine transmits torque effectively. The coupler features a simple structure, high carrying capacity and the ability to compensate axial and radial displacement. The coupler is applied to middle and high shaft drive transmission.