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Diamatic BMC-3335EHY2


Diamatic BMC-335EHY Concrete Shaver is the heavy duty answer for large scarifying and planning applications.

It has double, micrometric adjustment of the working depth to eliminate the risk of underground deterioration,

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▪ A closed circuit which is almost dust free, when connected to an appropriate Diamatic dust collector.

▪ Possibility to remove 3mm of concrete a time (depending on the type of concrete), which saves a lot of time.

▪ Because this machine does not hit the floor, it is a perfect way to remove hard top layers from soft floors.

▪ Sawing pattern is very fine, because of the many blades on one drum.

▪ New: drive system equipped with a pedal. The machine can drive on power without a working drum.

▪ Reduced the use of expensive diamond tools.

▪ Complete sealed drum housing for reducing substance.

▪ By using more spacers and fewer blades the sewing pattern can be changed.

▪ Combination machine, which is easy to change from a sawing machine into a scarifying machine.

▪ Comfortable to use, easy to move, low vibrations

▪ Several optional tools for each different application