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Adamas Eazy Saw

Adamas Eazy Saw

Product Description

  • With the Eazy Saw, you can cut safely and without much physical effort into bricks and concrete to a depth of 210mm with a 230V-motor.
  • The motor is guided on rails guaranteeing a straight cut.
  • The Eazy Saw is a perfect alternative for small sawing projects for petrol hand saws, hand, chain and ring saws.
  • This package consists of:
    • Saw unit Eazy Saw
    • Guided rails L = 1.3m
    • Guided rails L = 2.3m
  • Completed with ø350 and ø540mm purposely designed Arix blades.

Technical Specifications

Brand Adamas
Max.Blade ø 540mm
Max.Cutting depth 210mm
Motor Power 2,2kW
RPM 2,700rpm
Voltage 230V
Weight 14.6kg