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Tenax Glaxs

Tenax Glaxs BM 1 + 1 glue is a new generation two-part resin with zero yellowing to the sun and UV rays. Tenax Glaxs BM 1 + 1 glue is a transparent resin, solvent free, low viscosity and medium reactivity adhesive. Tenax Glaxs BM 1+1 glue offers good penetration and hardness. The resin can harden at 32°F. Tenax Glaxs BM 1 + 1 glue will stay bright also when the level of humidity is high and the temperature is low. It is ideal for white stone when a warranty against changing color against the sun is required. Tenax Glaxs BM 1 + 1 glue is completely invisible and will not yellow or create shadows around cracks or seams.

Recommended applications: white marble, white granite and porous stone.