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Terms & Conditions For Promotions

1. Only one free gift for each sale transaction;

2. Customer must spend a minimum of specified amount to qualify for free gifts;

3. Only customers who have made full and prompt payment in accordance with Chelsea Diamond Tools Ltd(”Company”)terms and conditions qualify for free gift;

4. Any goods sold with free gift cannot be exchanged or returned regardless of whether they are defective or not;

5. Company has absolute and full discretion to determine whether to give a free gift and the type of free gift;

6. In the event of ambiguity or disagreement as to the promotional sales terms, the Company’s interpretation is final;

7. The Company is not responsible for any defect in any free gifts and is not liable for any loss or damage caused by any free gift(s). The Company has no obligation to exchange any free gift(s);

8. Unless expressed to the contrary, the Company’s standard Terms and Conditions apply.

9. All prices indicated here and above are GST & Freight Exclusive.